Saturday, February 18, 2012

ummm... OUCH!

Yesterday was the big 6 mile day.  The day before yesterday was the day that I let Lisa convince me to go to Tone Zone class with her, where we would do 200 squats and lunges.  Today is the day that I can't lower myself into a chair to sit and type this post... it hurts too much.

Seriously... yes, I am very sore.  BUT I am also very blessed.  Yesterday after I finished my run (jog), I posted about it on facebook -- "Thank you Jesus, that it is finished -- 6 miles today."  Not because I actually think that Jesus is on Facebook, but because I was SO FREAKING thankful to be finished with that run.  I received so much encouragement through the replies to my post.  I have a lot of great people in my life, and I am grateful.  When I was finished running, I felt somewhat discouraged that I had stopped a few times and that my legs were feeling like rubberbands.  I felt discouraged about the fact that I had done less than half of the distance that I've committed to run on May 6, and I did not feel good about it.  However, it made me feel so much better about my efforts when I read all of the love on my facebook post.  If you were one of the people who posted a note of encouragement to me, please know that it meant so much.  I really needed that yesterday... Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Great job W. One of the things to remember as you go forward is that the day or two before your long run is almost as important as the run itself. Give your body a break from the constant training so it is prepared to go the distance. So much about endurance training is learning how your body reacts. Enjoy the journey.

Capt. Jim

Lisa said...

I am SO proud of you! You are doing wonderful, 73 days!!! We can do this!!!