Friday, March 23, 2012

It's okay... you can open your eyes now

I'm over my pity party from the other day.  I apologize for letting my insecurities take over my blog for a few minutes.  Just to clear things up, I am going to continue training for May 6.  I will complete the half marathon for Haiti; whether I run, walk, or crawl -- I will finish.

Thank you for the prayers for my 10-miler; I did complete it.  What a trip!  Laura Bakker was able to complete a 10 mile run.  Crazy.  It took me a little longer than I thought that it would, due to some walking and some necessary stretching breaks.  But it's finished... praise God.

My knees were ever-so-grateful for the ice packs, and I honestly don't think that I've ever enjoyed a shower as much as I did after that run.  I'm sure that God probably got a chuckle from my gushing prayers of thanksgiving for modern conveniences like fresh running water from a shower head.  Maybe they helped to make up for the begging and pleading prayers that were going up during the actual run... He was probably about over those.


Anonymous said...

ROCK ON , Sister!! You continue to amaze me with your perseverance and determination. Now that I cannot run for awhile, I will run vicariously through you! Great job on your 10 miler!

Love you...

Lisa said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! You rocked that run and OWNED it! You are motivating me! I gave a shout out to your 10! Just think in 43 days we are going to do this!! Thank you for being real and still running! You are motivating, rock it cheetah!!!