Monday, January 9, 2012

286 miles

My training schedule has me going 286 miles. Currently, as I have only completed 8 of those miles, I am wondering how this is going to happen. But I'm also dreaming about how I will feel as those miles pass (besides sore, tired, crabby, etc.) We're currently in a series at church, called 'Upgrade.' It focuses on upgrading your life, according to what God has for you, versus staying content with what's convenient or what's comfortable. As I sat in the service yesterday, I couldn't help but think about this challenge. I couldn't help but think about the mamas and the babies whose lives will (hopefully) be changed because of my commitment to this seemingly impossible goal. I do pray that God will use this as an opportunity in many ways; obviously I can use the physical aspect of it, and most definitely the money that will go to Heartline will enable babies to be born in a clean, safe environment.

I still have only told a couple of people about this challenge. While I'm excited to tell people, I'm still so nervous about what everyone will expect. Not that it really matters, because I'm not doing it for them -- I'm doing it because I've been unable to shake the whispers that have been stirring in me for months. I'm doing it because I think that it's an opportunity to upgrade my life... I hope so.

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