Friday, January 27, 2012


yes, spoiled.  Not just in the 'I live in the USA and have plenty of most anything that I need' kind of spoiled; more of a 'I just tried to do my run outside and realized how much easier it is to do on the treadmill' kind of spoiled.  This could pose a problem, as I'm fairly certain that Borgess Health and their people will not go for me doing the half marathon on my treadmill.

I'm feeling discouraged today, because my run was bad.  Let me clarify that they're never really all that good, but usually I can feel like I've accomplished something by the time I'm finished.  Not today.  I did the 4 1/2 miles, but I walked more of it that I should have... ugh.

I'm still drinking my chocolate milk, because bad or not, I went the distance... but I'm not really feeling like it's a reward today.  Hopefully my next time will be better.

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