Friday, January 6, 2012

What's a little blood, sweat and tears, anyway?

NOW I've done it. Now it's not just talk... it can't be. Now I have to actually DO something. And that something? It's RUN! What was I thinking?

I signed up to do a half marathon. And before you assume that Stephanie has hijacked this blog, claiming to be me, let me assure you... it's Laura. Crazy, chubby, sassy Laura.  Between whispers, promptings, and way too many coincidences to actually be coincidences, I've been called to action.

please be praying...

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Anonymous said...

My dear " called to action niece" and you are sure this is Laura and not Stephanie???...I know it is really my darling, compassionate, loving, caring (and I will go along with sassy)niece Laura. I am so proud of you. I will hang in here and try to encourage you to the Marathon...God be with you, as I know He is.
Love, Aunt Julie