Saturday, April 21, 2012

1/100th of a mile...

The plan; run 13 miles (building the drama of that last tenth of a mile until May 6).  The reality; ran 12.99 miles.  Kept running all the way in the driveway, up to the garage door; looked at Gary (the Garmin) and it said 12.99Not 13 miles!  At that point, I was exhausted, sore, and not even close to wanting to turn around and run the other way again.  That stupid 1/100th of a mile would have to wait.  Freaking 1/100th of a mile... UGH!

Now for the gory details... my body will probably never forgive me for this kind of trauma.  My knees are doing all right (as in not great, but still intact); I invested into KT tape, and it's a miracle how much support I can achieve from carefully and artistically placed tape around my knees.  The unfortunate part is that if I wrap this miracle tape around all of the parts of my body that are hurting, I'll look like a colorful mummy.  Cute?  Yes; but not really effective to try to actually move in a running-type of motion.  As I walked down the stairs to do laundry today, my quadricep muscles made it very clear to me that they're still quite upset with my choice of activity yesterday -- even 24 hours after we finished running.  My left foot has been in some sort of funky cramp mode ALL DANG DAY, which I can't seem to get loosened up.  And my leg/hip area that was sore earlier this week is still not quite on board with my choice to run. and run. and run.  Long story short -- my body is all kinds of pissed off.  BUT, it's my last long training run, and it's checked off.  :)  Hallelujah and yee-haw!

It's interesting and strange to me how you have to play little games with your mind when you're running for 12.99 miles.  For example, as I trotted through the 2 mile mark, it occurred to me that I had 11 miles to go.  That's not really a comforting thought.  I turned my music up really loud and tried not to look at Gary (the Garmin) again; I told myself that I could look when I got to my dentist's office (bathroom stop).  At one point during the run, I found myself actually doing math in my head -- and it wasn't even math that related to the run.  It was just miscellaneous math to distract myself -- and I hate math.  I did a lot of praying during the middle 4-5 miles, which was actually a pleasant distraction.  And at mile 9 1/2 I let myself rejoice in the fact that it was my last double digit distance until the event.  That thought gave me a little burst of excitement that enabled me to run 3 1/2 more miles.  As it turns out, lots of obscure things go through one's mind when they're out running for hours on end.

Didn't receive our update on fundraising yet for the week, but I'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as I get it.   :)  Thanks for the encouragement and the prayers!!!

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