Saturday, April 7, 2012

a 'T', a 'W', and an 'elve'

Yesterday, as I was running (jogging) along feeling sore and tired and kind of crabby all over, I had a moment of clarity.  A moment at which I could see past the pain of being at 9 1/2 miles; a moment when I realized that I was running 12 miles on Good Friday.  And the pain that I was feeling was really NOTHING compared to the sacrifice and pain that my Lord took -- on my behalf.  That realization gave me the strength to keep running.  And yes, I did check off another long run -- twelve miles.  It also gave me a moment of unparalleled gratitude; that He would endure all of what He went through, for me -- and for you -- and for all of those who are served by Heartline Ministries.  We couldn't even begin to try to earn or deserve a love like that, and yet He freely gives it.  Thank you, Lord.

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Cindy Bakker said...

You go girl!!! That is an amazing accomplishment - I am so proud of you!!!