Tuesday, April 10, 2012

da bomb diggity!

Lisa completed 12 1/2 miles yesterday -- awesome!  And she looked great when she was finished -- not awesome!  I seriously looked like I had been through some shock and awe last week when I finished my 12 miles; red face, hair coming out from my headband in almost every direction, and the sweat? well, you can probably imagine... not pretty AT ALL.  I don't really appreciate the fact that Lisa looked as though she had no trouble with her run, but I am proud of her.  :)

I've not gotten an update on fundraising yet this week, but I have a feeling that we did well over the past several days (I hope).  I'll keep you posted on that as I get more information.

It's another step down week for me (praise God) so my runs are somewhat shorter.  My long day for the week will be 6 miles.  You can't see it, but I'm doing a happy dance, just thinking about not having to run miles in the double digits.  And, speaking of digits... my 12 miles last week pushed me up to over 200 miles in my training so far.  And THAT, my friends makes me feel like "da bomb diggity!"

Thanks for your prayers...

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Anonymous said...

Oh in my minds eye I am seeing you doing the Happy Dance :-) I am really praying for you to continue being strong in Christ. Praying for you...and 200 miles WOW...I would like to do 2!!!!